Our mission is to empower those with autoimmunity through natural, scientifically validated solutions for better health

MyImmunity was born out of love and necessity.

A life-changing journey began when my girlfriend, Cassie, started experiencing subtle symptoms.

What seemed like mere fatigue and headaches quickly turned into severe challenges, including difficulty walking, an inability to write, and double vision in her right eye. Concerned and seeking answers, we consulted with a local neurologist.

The diagnosis was heart-breaking. An MRI revealed multiple white lesions on Cassie's brain and spinal cord, a hallmark of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

As the doctor outlined the conventional treatment options—initial high doses of steroids followed by biannual OCREVUS infusions—the risks were alarming, including potential for cancer, life-threatening allergic reactions, and Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare but fatal brain infection linked to the medication.

The situation reminded me starkly of Francis Bacon's words: "Cure the disease and kill the patient."

But accepting this immune supressing treatment just didn't feel right. The immune system wasn't too strong; it was confused, mistakenly attacking Cassie's body instead of protecting it.

This sparked a determination in me to find an alternative, one that would restore and balance her immune system, not suppress it.

Diving deep into medical research, I discovered fascinating studies linking autoimmunity to gut health—specifically, the microbiome in our intestinal lining.

I raised the possibility of alternative treatments like Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) with our neurologist, only to be met with dismissal. His response, "I’m not a gastroenterologist," illuminated how siloed medical professionals often are—each viewing the body in parts, not as a whole system.

Undeterred, I stepped down as the CEO of my Medical Device Company...

...and took a six-month hiatus to focus entirely on researching and compiling clinical studies, consulting with doctors at the forefront, and testing potential solutions with Cassie.

After months of diligent study and experimentation with diets, supplements, and intermittent fasting, we discovered a combination of three natural compounds that seemed promising.

Astonishingly, within just one week of starting these compounds, all of Cassie’s symptoms vanished. No more fatigue, no more headaches, no double vision—she felt normal again.

By December 2021, Cassie not only recovered quickly from a virus with these new treatments but has also maintained her health with consistent positive MRI results. She is under the care of a new, board-certified neurologist in Coral Gables, Florida, who supports our holistic approach.

From our struggle and success, MyImmunity was born.

Our goal is straightforward: to share what we have learned and offer products that support immune system balance and overall health based on the same principles that changed Cassie’s life.

At MyImmunity, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and means to manage their health naturally.

We hope our story reaches you early in your journey with autoimmunity. Let's redefine health together with MyImmunity—where your body’s natural strength is the key to your wellness.

To this day, Cassie is still not taking any drugs for her autoimmune issues and remains in excellent health.

We’re committed to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes

We are committed to excellence. MyImmunity Balance is made in the USA in a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved, and GMP-certified facility, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

We source our key ingredient premium freeze-dried Lactoferrin from sustainable family-owned farms in the Waikato Region of New Zealand, ensuring purity and quality in every batch.

Choose MyImmunity for trusted, holistic health support.

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